Portrait options

All child portraits are completed with the use of photographs as reference material. The portrait can therefore be completed from your own favourite photograph. Three styles are offered to suit different tastes and budgets.


Pencil drawing
A pencil drawn portrait can be completed with either a graphite pencil or for a warmer look, a brown tonal drawing pencil. If you have a particular preference this can be decided at the point of commission. The portrait will be completed on 200gsm acid free cartridge paper which is a substantial weight and is cream in colour. This style of portrait allows for fine details whilst still ensuring a softness essential for child portraits. The Portrait will be presented in a double mount ready for framing.


Mixed media
A mixed media portrait is completed in a combination of watercolour, soft pastel and coloured pencil. This is completed on 200gsm acid free watercolour paper, which has a slight texture to add to the soft appearance. This style enables colour to be brought into the portrait whilst keeping a soft focus particularly suited to child portraits. The portrait will be presented in a double mount ready for framing.


Oil on canvas
An oil painted portrait is completed on medium grain stretched cotton canvas. The canvas is stretched to the back of the frame allowing the portrait to be hung unframed if desired. An oil painting offers a richer depth of colour and a looser finish whilst still capturing the subject’s features and characteristics acurately. This portrait is unframed.